The Superior Council of Referees and Scorers, in alliance with the European Baseball Super League, after Having selected Venezuelan Umpire Camp as a trainer. Communicates through its President Miguel A. Hernández Sánchez, Jesús C. Estévez Martínez and Luna Jiménez Chillón as vice presidents respectively, they extend the most cordial invitation to the training program for UMPIRES AND PROFESSIONAL SCORERS.

The CAMP being held, this time, in Madrid [Madrid and Meco], with the Instructors:
● Miguel Hernández

All of them belonging to the cloister of the Venezuelan Umpire Camp; Thus achieving excellence and the development of refereeing and European scoring, from its bases, and thus managing to project new talents to their maximum expression. The main purpose of this training is to choose a quota of umpires and scorers towork in the prestigious European Professional League, with headquarters in Spain and Portugal; In addition to including the referees and scorers who pass the course, in our system of referees certified by the Venezuelan Umpire Camp and the CSAAPE.

If you accept our invitation, you must bring the following documents:

  1. Legible copy of your DNI or NIF or PASSAPORT.
  2. The original copy of the bank receipt for payment or transfers of the course registration, CAMPUS CSAAPE de ARBITRAJE, or CAMPUS CSAAPE de ANOTACIÓN.
  3. Official Medical Report (cardiovascular evaluation and complete review as specified in the form provided by the organization).
  4. Signed authorization to take the PCR-Covid 19 test.
  5. Certificate of knowledge and acceptance of the CAMPUS Rules for participants.
  6. Registration and registration receipt in the CAMPUS issued by the administration of the CSAAPE.
  7. All payments and extra purchases must be made and deposited in the CaixaBank checking account ESLB SA – IBAN: ES50 2080 3592 5430 4003 2829 – Bic/SWIFT: CAGLESMMXXX.

Conditions of Participation

  • Be over 21 years of age. Copy of ID card.
  • Be in possession of the original bank receipt for the payment or transfer of the registration.
  • UMPIRE CAMP € 500.
  • Signed authorization to take the PCR-Covid 19 test. [the organization will collaborate on the test].
  • Have sent the documentation in online.
  • Fill the inscription form.


  1. ACCOMMODATION in community area for 10 days.
  3. FACILITIES for teaching.
  4. CLOTHING: Course t-shirt and cap.


  1. You must be, with the original documentation, 30 minutes early to the set start time of (14:30) at the beginning of the day to hand in the original bank or transfer receipt, the registration form, copy of the DNI or passport and have a signed copy of the rules.
  2. The organization reserves the right of admission if the participant arrives to reception 30 minutes after the set start time of activities. If admission is rejected, and reservations have been confirmed, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  3. Participants must get vaccinated against COVID 19 before the course [the organization will collaborate on the vaccination].
  4. The possession of knives and / or firearms, liquor bottles and blunt objects at camp is not allowed. Violators of these measures will be forced to leave reception and deliver such objects to the authorities.
  5. The right of admission and permanence is reserved.
  6. On the first day, all participants must identify themselves. The use of suitable clothing is important.
  7. The certificate of attendance will only be written in the name of the person on the registration form.
  8. Personal belongings must be stored and kept with you until the end of the CSAAPE camp, the organization does not store or is responsible for lost objects. There is no support staff to guard personal belongings.
  9. Please turn off or mute cell phones so others and yourself can enjoy camp.
  10. Refunds or reimbursement of registration are not allowed if the CAMPUS date varies due to any circumstance. Registration will be valid for the definitive date and if it is not carried out due to fortuitous causes, your refund will be made in a reasonable time set by CSAAPE , without any adjustment or compensation.
  11. If for reasons beyond your control you cannot attend the event, you can transfer your registration to another person by notifying CSAAPE, by email. They will then contact you to verify the authenticity of the information. In no case will the money be returned.
  12. The company reserves the right to alter, change and or modify the schedule and date without prior notice.
  13. The company does not guarantee the authenticity of the registration if it has not been acquired at an official point of sale assigned by CSAAPE, since CSAAPE has the authorization to grant, verify and validate certificates.
  14. Registration may not be used in any case for resale and / or commercial or
    promotional application without the prior written authorization of CSAAPE, the
  15. Refrain from carrying out the following activities at the reception where the camp
    is being held:
    1. Actions that affect the honor, reputation or image of the attendees, including without limitation, instructors and the general public.
    2. Any kind of bottles or cans are not allowed.
    3. Offensive language is not allowed: between the participants, towards the instructors or any support personnel who are rendering their service at that time.
    4. You must not express and / or commit acts of racism or discrimination.
    5. The consumption of tobacco, cigarettes or narcotic substances is not allowed.
  16. The participant fully and sufficiently authorizes CSAAPE, to use their image in the live broadcasts or reproductions contained in any material support, carried out before, during or after this workshop.
  17. The participant must recognize the organizers, instructors and speakers of the talks, as the sole holders of the rights over intellectual property and copyright over any literary, scientific, or artistic work derived from this conference.
  18. Guests are not allowed, only people registered and / or authorized by the organization can enter.
  19. Wear gray cloth pants, a black belt, and black rubber shoes.
  20. Former participants or umpires already registered in the system must wear their uniform.
  21. Do not forget your personal items, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, brush, sunscreen, sheets, blankets, pillow, [disposable cellulose sheets are provided in the enclosure], cutlery and glass.
  22. In order to participate, the participant must acknowledge that the organizer of the CAMPUS CSAAPE 2021 is: CSAAPE, and declare that «I have read and accepted the rules of behavior, conduct and participation.»
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